St Govans Head & Chapel

Not too far from Tenby, on the spectacular St Govans head, wedged into a tiny crevice in the cliffs you will find St Govans chapel. This tiny chapel was built in the 13th century on the site of the cell of a 6th century Celtic monk. The hermit St Govan, an abbot from Wexford, Ireland reportedly hid from his pagan persecutors in a niche in the rock, which miraculouly opened, then closed behind him. It is said that visitors slim enough to turn around in this niche is assured of good luck. A former well on the chapel floor was supposed to cure disease.

Access to the chapel are by a steep flight of stone steps. Legend has it that the number of steps going down never matches the number coming back up!


  St Govans Chapel

              Note the steps you will have to negotiate!...




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Photo by Kind Permission of Phillip Gronow

Own transport: South Pembrokeshire, 6 miles South of  Pembroke. Approach via the B4319 road and local minorroad. Car park at St Govan’s Chapel.

Toilets: no toilets at car park. Nearest toilets in Bosherston

(1 mile).

Please note: This walk is on the Castlemartin firing range.It is closed when the range is in use. Live firing notices are published in local newspapers and outside the Café at