St Davids & St Justinians

St Davids is the smallest city in Britain. Most visitors come to see the Cathedral set in beautiful surroundings. The cathedral was built on the site of a 6th century monastery.

The nave is the oldest part dating from the 12th century.

The "city" of St Davids has some nice little shops, and for the children there is an oceanarium which has a 80,000 gallon tank displaying hundreds of marine creatures from sharks to starfish.

The oceanarium is open all year 7 days a week.

The area around St Davids is famous for its rich and beautiful landscape with its many coves and unspoilt bays such as Caerfai Bay                                    


Also not to be missed are the boat trips which can be booked at the entrance to the cathedral, these range from a short trip to Ramsey island  or for the more adventurous a voyage of discovery that explores caves and a rough white water ride across "The Bitches" a section of rough water between Ramsey Island and the main land.


The Bishops palace which is to the left of the cathedral, even now in ruins is unequalled in any other part of Wales.

It was largely the work of Henry de Gower the then Bishop (1328~1347) it has two staterooms and is richly embellished with stone carvings..

 " The City centre " St Davids..

St Justinians.

St Justinians has a lifeboat station and lovely views of the Pembrokeshire coast line. It is a haven for visitors who like total peace and tranquility, the only noise you will hear is the sea and birds.

There are no facilities except toilet cubicles in the car park.

If you want more than that. forget it.........

Sailings to Ramsey Island Bird Sanctuary (only 40 visitors per day allowed) depart from the lifeboat station at 10am and 1pm and return at 1-15pm and 4pm (bookings can be made at St Davids)

Car parking is in a field close to the lifeboat station

St Justinians, WEST WALES St Justinians West Wales St Justinians West Wales marble_gold BISHOPS PALACE



Photo by kind permission of Phillip Gronow