Newgale Beach

Newgale Beach on the road from Haverfordwest to St Davids has a broad expanse of sand backed by a high pebble bank. The beach is West facing and open to the Atlantic and in stormy weather the sea can crash over the pebble bank covering the road behind wth pebbles.

Because of it being a storm beach, it is very popular with surfers, wind surfers, and anglers. I took the photo above on a bitterly cold day in February from the car park at the south end of the beach. I was surprised to find an ice cream van in attendance, a bit cold for an ice cream but the owner makes a lovely mug of tea!


An interesting feature at Newgale is the "prehistoric forest" which can be seen at extremely low tides especially spring tides.The remains of stumps and roots of trees which have been preserved by the sand and salt water can still be seen.

There are three car parks at intervals along the beach, with a charge at two of them in the summer.

At the north end of the beach there is a shop, pub, garage, cafe, and toilets. There is also surf board hire and a campsite.

No dogs are allowed on the beach


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