Newcastle Emlyn

Situated in the small town of Newcastle Emlyn on the banks of the River Teifi. It is said that the last dragon in Wales was killed here while resting on the castle walls

This castle began as an earth,timber and ditch construction in 1240, built by Maredudd ap Rhys Gryg.

In 1287 it was strongly contested during Maredudds'unsuccesful revolt against King Edward 1,and a Roger Mortimer occupied and garrisoned the castle, but was retaken by Rhys's men and Robert Tyntoft (Justice of South Wales) sent a massive force to batter the   castle into submission which wasn't necessary as a 23 day blockade made Rhys's men surrender.

During a revolt in 1294 by Madoc ap Llewellyn and his rebels, the castle was abandonded, until David ap Moris and his son David Fychan held the castle until the King arrived back on the scene. David Fychan was rewarded by being made Bailiff of Emlyn.

The castle was repaired, and in 1312 a new hall was built at a cost of £50!

In 1382 the castle passed out of Royal hands and in the early 16th century into the hands of the Tudor magnate Sir Rhys ap Thomas.

During the English Civil War, it was taken by Cromwell's forces who ordered that the castle be blown up. In 1978/82  during construction of the car park area human remains were uncovered, and further work in 1993 revealed a chapel wall and five burials. The town has a variety of shops, eating places,and parking is good.      


Aerial view of Newcastle Emlyn. The castle is top right.



marble_gold castle-back