Newcastle Bridgend

marble_gold castle-back newcastle-arch INTERIOR-NEWCASTLE

Norman door way

Newcastle in Bridgend is only about half a mile from my house. It was built in the late 1180s (The castle not my house).

The castle was first mentioned in 1106 which at that time was probably an earthwork type and the exact location is unknown. The castle we see today was held by Henry the 2nd. in 1180 which explains it's superior quality.

The most outstanding feature of the castle is the complete Norman door way. It dates from the 12th century and it is quite ornate on the outside although plain on the inside.

Passing through the doorway brings you into a circular courtyard.The curtain wall now in ruins, still stands to its full height on the west side.Built into the curtain walls on the south and west side are two towers,the south tower is still well preserved. Apart from refurbishments in the south tower in the 16th century, the castle is untouched since the 12th century.