Merthyr Mawr

Merthyr Mawr is a picturesque village which can be reached from the A48, (pop along to here on your way to Porthcawl)

As you enter Merthyr Mawr turn left at the small village green, and after about 50yards you will find a car park park near a small river bridge, cross over the bridge for a short walk to Ogmore Castle                    

A visitor to my site Lynda Bowers informed me that horses run free here, so take care with young children. (Thanks Lynda) Access to the castle is by way of 52 stepping-stones that cross the ford of the Ewenny and Ogmore river. Local legend has it that they were laid for a love-sick girl who lived in the castle. Her lover lived across the river, and their meetings were impeded by tides and floods. Apparently the stones served their purpose - the lovers married in 1233.

Afterwards,return to the car ,back to the green, and turn left down the lane to the main car park at  to Candleston Castle (charge may apply) and in front of you there are lots of sand dunes, in fact it is the largest sand dune system in Europe !

Scenes from the film "Lawrence of Arabia" were shot at Merthyr Mawr.

Also you will find in the car park the ruins of the 15th century  Candleston Castle                                 If you are feeling energetic you can walk for what seems like miles across the dunes until you reach the sea ( great if you are training to join the foreign legion).


Near Merthyr Mawr is this 15th century bridge known locally as the "Dipping Bridge"  

Sheep were given their regular "dip"or wash by being pushed through the holes that can be seen in the side of the bridge,

Near the bridge once stood an inn, where, it has been said, travellers were murdered by the landlord.

When the inn was demolished in the early 20th century, the workmen discovered skeleton remains in the grounds of the inn.


Sand Dunes at Merthyr Mawr


Stepping Stones to Ogmore Castle

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