Manor House Wildlife Park

     Anna's Welsh Zoo

The last time I came here was when my two daughters were small, so it was a long time ago, but I remember we had a lovely day walking around the gardens, and looking at the many animals in the park.

There is a varied collection of animals,birds fish and reptiles. Every afternoon at 2.00pm there is a birds of prey flying display.

Parking is good, and the park contains all the usual facilities  such as toilets, restaurant e.t.c. Lovely day out for the children.


Manor House Wildlife Park is situated by the unique and beautiful coastal resort town of Tenby in the county of Pembrokeshire. The park is set in landscaped wooded grounds and floral gardens which surround the 18th century Manor House. The Park houses a collection of mammals, birds and reptiles throughout the 35 acre park. You can see zebras, camels, antelope, reindeer, tapir and llamas wander in large enclosures with wallabies, emus and rhea all too eager to greet any visitors walking around the paths. Other animals to see include black and white ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, tamarins, marmosets, gibbons, celebes apes, scimitar-horned oryx, sika deer, pigmy goats, macaws, parrots, penguins, cockatoos, snowy owls and more. Visit the Close Encounter Unit where you can help feed the young and just born animals or hold the snakes during the snake experience. Help the keepers feed the penguins and otters or just browse around the Natural History Museum and education rooms before watching the comical antics of the monkeys. The daily Falconry Displays are not be missed when the falconer flies eagles, hawks, falcons or owls together with an informative talk about these predators. Large picnic areas are provided for you to relax while the children can play in the large Play Area with roundabouts, train and the giant astroglide slide, as well as Remote Control Go-Karts, and boats, mini car and bike rides and the motorised go-karts. You can also visit the model railway exhibition. Facilities include cafeteria, arcade centre, ice-cream parlour, bar and gift shop.

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