Llawhaden Castle

Llawhaden Castle  lies just off the A40 8miles east from Haverfordwest, in the the small village of Llawhaden. If you are passing this way and fancy a break from driving, look for the sign to Llawhaden castle and drop in for an hour.

The castle stands at the end of a flower lined lane (There is a tea room in the lane)just a short stroll from the small car park.

The first castle (later destroyed) was of earth and timber founded in 1115AD. The castle we see today was built by Bishop Adam de Houghton (1362~89)

The outward appearance looks formidable, but that was more for show than serious defence. The gatehouse in the main photo was probably added at a later date


The court yard looking towards the south block, which on the first floor contained lavish  living accomodation including fireplaces, and latrines.

The court yard as it probably would have appeared at the beginning of the 15th century

Llawhaden Castle LLawhaden Castle Llawhden Castle marble_gold castle-back