Goodrich Castle

GOODRICH CASTLE is not really a Welsh castle as it is located just over the border in the beautiful Wye Valley on a steep slope with a moat cut from the rock on which the castle stands.

The castle is built from red sandstone and is in good condition. The 12th century keep still shows features of three halls in the building.

It remained unchanged until the 13th century when it came into the possesion of the de Valence family.

The castle was then renovated to form a square inner bailey with large towers at three of the corners, and a huge gatehouse.

From the gatehouse tower, a bridge crosses the moat to a barbican although only parts of this can now be seen.

The South East tower housed a domestic residence and part of a staircase and large fireplaces are still in evidence.

By the 16th century the castle was unoccupied, but did encounter a siege during the civil war, although the castle is still mostly intact.

Goodrich castle is located in  picturesque scenery overlooking the River Wye and is well worth a visit.

GOODRICH CASTLE marble_gold castle-back