Candleston Castle

Candleston Castle is a 14th.c. fortified manor house, in ruins since the nineteenth century 3⁄4 m southwest of Merthyr Mawr. Candleston's original long and narrow rectangular structure lay across the western end of a low narrow promontory, suggesting a defensive position. The castle is named after the Norman family of Cantilupe, its first feudal tenants.


Although prudently built in a defensive position, with substantial walls, it is likely to have been erected during a time of relative peace, since it was built without a tower. That the tower was a subsequent addition is clear as it comprises only 3 new walls built against, but not bonded into, the S. gable wall of the original hall and attached rectangular structure. The tower, containing a solar with a storey above and a vaulted undercroft, was designed to protect the gateway, and was probably erected during a period of political unrest.

Firstly in the 14th.c. the original long rectangular structure comprising 2 chambers and hall with added tower. Secondly 15th.c. alterations to the hall. In 17th.c. a short west wing was added to enclose the main entry to the hall. Finally, c.1800 a stable block was added extending from the E. wall of the tower. The identification and dating of the various phases is assisted by the different mortar types used.


Although small compared to other castles it is well worth a visit owing to its location just a short distance down the lane from the thatched cottages of  Merthyr Mawr                            Also a great place for the kids as they can play on the nearby sand dunes.

Car parking good however there are no toilet facilities


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