Caerfai Bay

If you are using a car to visit St Davids in Pembroke, just before entering the main street, look for the car park sign on your left. You will also see a sign for Caerfai Bay. If you need the toilet, now is the time to go (theres one in the car park) as there were no toilets at Caefai the last time I came here,.The road to Caerfai is fairly narrow so take care, but its only a few minutes drive. The car park overlooks the bay so it is a pleasant stop for the flask and sandwiches!

Caerfai is a popular bathing beach, the closest to St Davids. Although mostly rocks at high tide, it's sand as the tide drops.

The beach is reached down a short but steep path. The beach is surrounded by cliffs of purple sandstone used to build St David's Cathedral.

There are some nice rock pools for the children, and also caves to be explored but keep away from the cliffs as they are unstable!

As at most beaches in this area fishing good



Caerfai Bay bottom right. St Davids, (the smallest city  in the UK) can be seen in the background.

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