Barry Tourist Railway

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From the late 1950s steam locomotives were gradually replaced by diesel engines, and many decommissioned locomotives made their way to Dai Woodham’s Barry Scrapyard. Most of the steam engines surviving today owe their existence to the Barry scrapyard, from where they were rescued.

In 1994 the Welsh Development Agency and the Vale of Glamorgan Council began a process of developing a tourist railway in Barry. By this time only fragments of the old Barry Railway Company infrastructure remained, but what did remain was saved and elements of what was missing were put back.

Today the Barry Tourist Railway is part of the Barry Rail Centre, and since taking control of the site in late 2009, Cambrian Transport have begun the process of bringing the Centre back into full operational condition.

We operate services for passengers on dates throughout the year, using either our own trains, or one of our regular visiting steam locomotives. At Barry we have a heritage 1957 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU Class 101), called Iris II that we have refurbished and turned into a comfortable passenger environment. We also have a Class 73 diesel locomotive, which can typically be seen hauling Mk 2f passenger coaches.

Dates & Times for 2016

On normal running days our train services depart from our Barry Island Train Station at

11:35, 13:10, 14:10, and 15:10

Times may be subject to change.        


ADULTS      £7.50



(2 adults 2 children)





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