Aberavon Beach


I remember coming here as a child back in the 1950s, when Aberavon was very popular attracting thousands of people from

the Rhondda alley. It had a fairground then and an old pier. After

many years in decline it is beginning to raise it's head again, as  Ady, a local resident told me......


"In it's heyday Aberavon Beach attracted over 120,000 (yes thousand)visitors per day . Not 3miles but 5 miles of golden sand from what people call the little side(left of the pier) to the ferry bend(west). What is now a housing development was once a car park, sretching miles along the seafront backed up with coachloads of buses from every part of the Uk. Buses from the Rhondda were prominent, especially on miners fortnite.Helicopters used to view the beach up untill about 1974 /77 to take photo/head count shots. Annoncements were made everyday as to how many people were there. Shame Freddy Laker introduced package holidays and it all went downhill from there. As a resort NO, as a beach a YES, but it is improving without its old attractions of the late 60's/70s, funfair  big dipper and old Days Arcade etc .One of the oldest fairs in the country! A funeral pyre but fortunately the flames are dying out" !


Aberafan Beach is a three-mile (5 km) sandy beach which is popular with surfers. The northern end of the beach has been used by sand yacht enthusiasts and kite surfers and is also a well known area for fishing. The beach has lifeguard cover over the summer.

Aberavon Beach has won further international recognition.

Following the awarding earlier this week of the coveted European Blue Flag, Aberavon Beach is now being recommended in the latest edition of The Good Beach Guide.


The Good Beach Guide is produced annually by the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity for the protection of the marine environment and its wildlife.


It lists Aberavon as a Recommended Beach which means it has reached the highest water quality standard.


On Tuesday (May 19), Keep Wales Tidy announced that Aberavon Beach had received the European Blue Flag award for the second year running, recognizing it as being amongst the best in the world. acknowledging its excellent water quality and facilities for Neath Port Talbot residents and tourists to enjoy.








No dogs on the sands from May 1 to September 30  



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